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Welcome to Aroma Freedom Academy

The site where you can learn more about the Aroma Freedom Technique developed by Dr. Ben Perkus.  Find books and training materials, search for Instructors and Practitioners, find Immersion & Certification Classes, or schedule an online class to become a Practitioner or Instructor yourself.

What is AFT?

The Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) is a step-by-step process designed to be learned and used by anyone who wants more freedom in their life.  It is an entirely new approach to aromatherapy, one that uses the power of pure essential oils to instantly and irresistibly shift a person’s mental state, mood, and ability to take positive action.  Through this process, you will learn how to identify what you really want in life, what is blocking you, and how to release these blocks in a matter of minutes.  Then, you learn a daily practice to keep you on track.

What is Aroma Freedom Technique (AFT) Certification all about?

The Aroma Freedom Technique Certified Practitioner Program will equip you to help yourself and others find greater success, joy, and happiness.

This is a proven system created by Dr. Benjamin Perkus that uses Young Living Essential Oils to release negative thoughts, feelings, and memories.

The Aroma Freedom Technique integrates specific Young Living Essential Oils with proven psychological principles as described in the book, The Aroma Freedom Technique.

AFT is simple, duplicatable and powerful!

Benefits of becoming certified in Aroma Freedom Technique include:

  • Certificate of Completion (suitable for framing)
  • Listing on AFT website as a “Certified AFT Practitioner”
  • Ability to market yourself as a “Certified AFT Practitioner”
  • Confidence in your ability to lead yourself or others through the Aroma Freedom Technique process

Requirements for becoming certified:

  • Attendance at Live training classes
  • Submission of 8 AFT session tracking forms (7 on others and 1 on self)
  • Participation in a mentor group
  • Live observation of 1:1 AFT session as well as a Group AFT Session
  • Submission of an essay on your AFT journey
  • Any additional requirements that the instructor may decide to be necessary to ensure competency.

The Aroma Freedom Technique IMMERSION is the perfect place to learn about and experience the AFT 12-step process as outlined in the book, The Aroma Freedom Technique: Using Essential Oils to Transform Your Emotions and Realize Your Heart’s Desire.

AFT Immersion events consist of a 4-hour, in-person, Live Aroma Freedom Technique immersion and practice sessions led by Certified AFT Instructor OR AFT Student Instructors.


Part 1: Introduction & Group Clearing
Part 2: Two-person Practice Session
Part 3: Q&A
Part 4: Application & Use of AFT
Part 5: Closing

If you’d like to learn more about AFT before enrolling in a Practitioner Certification Course, then this event is perfect for you!


“I was amazed at the speed with which one can let go of deeply embedded patterns and habits. It was exciting, and gives me hope to help others let go of issues they have carried for too long.”
~ Tracy O., Immersion Participant

It all starts with a book.

Everything you need to know to get started you will find in my book, The Aroma Freedom Technique.  This book is a distillation of the methods that I use in my practice and in my personal life.  You will find it helpful for personal use, and, if you are a therapist or healer, it can easily be integrated into your existing style for your clients.  In fact, my students loved the technique so much they asked me to create a Certification Program for them so that they could really master the technique and offer it to their clients.  There is now even an advanced certification that allows people to teach the certification classes, as well as a variety of classes at The Aroma Freedom Academy.

About Dr. Perkus

Dr. Perkus is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and sought-after speaker and trainer who inspires people all over the world to make life changes using essential oils and positive psychological processes. He received his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Binghamton University (Phi Beta Kappa) and his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Duquesne University. He has studied many Energy Psychology methods and has integrated these into his unique understanding of the origins of emotional imbalance.

His first book, The Aroma Freedom Technique, has helped thousands of people to overcome doubt and procrastination, build confidence, and experience the freedom of living their dreams. He trains people throughout the world with this simple and groundbreaking process and helps them to awaken to their true potential.

He is the creator of The Aroma Freedom Academy, an online training portal that allows people from everywhere to make a significant and lasting change in all areas of their lives.

As a practicing Clinical Psychologist for the last 20 years, I have studied many of the most progressive techniques for body, mind, and emotional wellness. I have worked with adults and children, young and old, singles and couples.  I have traveled around the world teaching people how to use Essential Oils and lifestyle strategies to optimize brain function, let go of the past, and enhance happiness and well-being.  But the most significant improvements come from a little technique I developed just last year as a method that people can use on themselves or others in as little as 20 minutes. 

The reason people come to see me, in person or in a seminar, is because they feel stuck in some area of their life.  Whether it is a career goal, finding or keeping a satisfying relationship, or living a life of passion and purpose, we all need to feel that we are moving in the direction of our dreams.  Sometimes we all need an outside perspective, or we need help getting past things that we have struggled with.  As much as I enjoy helping people, I enjoy it, even more, when they learn how to help themselves.

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